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Chiavari Chairs

M&M Event Planners has a wide variety of color options when it comes to Chiavari Chair colors plug seating cushion. Scroll down to see what colors we have!

Brown with Gold Cushion
Brown with Blush Pink Cushion
Brown with White/Ivory Cushion
Brown with Silver Cushion
Brown with Black Cushion
Brown with Burgandy Cushion
Brown with Navy Blue Cushion
Brown with Lime Green Cushion
Brown with Hot Pink Cushion
Brown with Royal Blue Cushion
Brown with Champagne Cushion
Brown with Red Cushion
Black with White, Ivory Cushion
Black with Navy Blue Cushion
Black with Red Cushion
Black with Black Cushion
Black with Blush Pink Cushion
Black with Hot Pink Cushion
Black with Royal Blue Cushion
Black with Gold Cushion
Black with Lime Green Cushion
Black with Silver Cushion
Black with Burgandy Cushion
Black with Champagne Cushion
Clear with White Cushion
Clear with Red Cushion
Clear with Royal Blue Cushion
Clear with Blush Pink Cushion
Clear with Silver Cushion
Clear with Navy Blue Cushion
Clear with Gold Cushion
Clear with Lime Green Cushion
Clear with Black Cushion
Clear with Burgandy Cushion
Clear with Hot Pink Cushion
Clear with Champagne Cushion
Gold with White Cushion
Gold with Silver Cushion
Gold with Gold Cushion
Gold with Champagne Cushion
Gold with Royal Blue Cushion
Gold with Lime Green Cushion
Gold with Burgandy Cushion
Gold with Navy Blue Cushion
Gold with Blush Pink Cushion
Gold with Black Cushion
Gold with Red Cushion
Gold with Hot Pink Cushion
Silver with White, Ivory Cushion
Silver with Silver Cushion
Silver with Red Cushion
Silver with Burgandy Cushion
Silver with Navy Blue Cushion
Silver with Champagne Cushion
Silver with Black Cushion
Silver with Gold Cushion
Silver with Lime Green Cushion
Silver with Hot Pink Cushion
Silver with Blush Pink Cushion
Silver with Royal Blue Cushion
White with White, Ivory Cushion
White with Burgandy Cushion
White with Royal Blue Cushion
White with Blush Pink Cushion
White with Hot Pink Cushion
White with Champagne Cushion
White with Silver Cushion
White with Navy Blue Cushion
White with Black Cushion
White with Red Cushion
White with Gold Cushion
White with Lime Green Cushion
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